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So why did we open a Travel Store?, While we've been able to help people with their vacations plans for years, it seams like every one has a story about being away from home and getting "taken for a ride" cost wise on something.  

That's what we wanted to help with, having a fun place to shop  where you can get the small things you need for vacation at a reasonable cost and items that help you get the most out of your vacations.   You see over the years what we found out was, vacation time in more valuable to most people than their everyday time.   It may be the only time that year they have all the kids together, that break from work, or school.  You see the average American gets less then 4 days of vacation time a year, we want to help you get the most out of it, without getting over charged for the little things that make those memories so special.  

Our Store is a must-stop if you are traveling. We are a unique gift shop, not only is this a very cool completely restored historic building but we have been in the travel industry for over 35 years. Able to help with many of your questions locally from afar. Offering some handmade gift items, t-shirts including shirts and hats from Benson's very own Broadslab Distillery, hand beaded jewelry and much more. Grab your Disney souvenirs on the way down for less, pick up what you forgot on the way home... Cruises, we have all the little things to help make your cruise more enjoyable for less.... Same for a day or week at the Beach, Pool, or Lake...

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